Girl’s Scholarship Program



Providing an opportunity to pursue higher studies to girls who have a weak financial background, many boards offer the scholarship to single girl child of a parent under this scheme. To recognize the effort of the parents in supporting education among girl and to provide encouragement to commendable students by providing a scholarship to a girl child who has excellent academic records but they are not able to achieve higher education due to lack of money.

There is a list of scholarships for women available for girls. There are several scholarships that are exclusively for the girl child. You can search on the internet for such websites you will get plenty to choose from. Then based on the eligibility and criteria you can select and fill the form accordingly. Also, I strongly recommend that please share this information with many women as you can help them build a bright future for them too. To find the scholarship young women in high school should start the application process early. A young woman in high school may want to begin looking at scholarship during the freshman year of high school.

There are many schools and colleges which offers scholarship programs, also there are many big companies and establishment which offers the scholarship program just for girls so that the girls can also come forward and avail the opportunity to learn and make their future bright. Swami Vivekananda scholarship is also one such program which is made to bring up the position of the woman and help them in the studies by making them free of any financial liabilities that is carried out by the organization. The girl just needs to concentrate on the studies and so can get herself relieved from worrying about the financial matters that is not allowing her to study any further.


Scholarships In Your Pocket: The B4S Mobile App


Long gone are the days when you had to look around for a computer system to do any kind of internet-based search. With the advent of technology and the massive growth it showed, the whole scenario is changing. Currently, about 77% of the world’s population is online. The devices are getting smaller, the connections faster. With the kind of power today’s smartphones possess, it isn’t hard to infer why most of the businesses are now available on smartphones in the form of apps. The rapid adoption of technology has changed how services or products are delivered. The process has become much more convenient and has a wider outreach.

The education sector is no different when it comes to the adoption of technology, as apparent from the major digitalisation drive it has undertaken. Buddy4Study is a major player in this sector, being India’s largest scholarship platform. It helped more than 45000 students by connecting scholarship seekers with the scholarship providers. Scholarships worth more than INR 50 crore have been disbursed through Buddy4Study.

Being a widely popular scholarship finder, Buddy4Study provides curated scholarship information to students across the nation. Its extensive database has more than 3500 scholarships. Keeping in line with the app revolution, Buddy4Study too is now available on Google Play as an android app. Among the many scholarship apps available on the app store, Buddy4Study is the best scholarship app and the only one you would need. A huge pool of listed scholarships and an impressive search engine make this app useful.
Benefits offered by the B4S app
The following benefits offered by the B4S app make it stand out:

  • The B4S app makes it handy and extremely convenient to search for scholarships while on the go. You can search for any scholarship based on your defined preferences.
  • You can apply for the scholarships from the app itself and check out other important links shown in the app.
  • B4S scholarship app shows a detailed list of upcoming websites along with their deadlines. You can also get alerts for the same.
  • You can make changes to your account details from the app itself (like changing the password, updating personal information, education details etc.).
  • You can save your favourite scholarship in the app, which makes it easier to re-check it later.
  • Other useful information like tips and blogs can also be accessed through the app.
  • It keeps you updated on the latest scholarship news.You can find the app on Google Play by searching “Buddy4Study”.



Merit Cum Means Scholarship To Look For At Buddy4Study Mobile App


Are you among the toppers of your class? Are you facing financial constraints to continue your education further? If your answer to these questions is yes, a merit cum means scholarship is what you need. It can turn out to be a great help for you in fulfilling your future academic and career aspirations. Similar to merit-based and means-based scholarships, merit-cum-means based scholarship is also a broad category under which the students can find a number of opportunities.

With Buddy4Study mobile app in your hand, finding and applying for these scholarships have become a lot more comfortable and handy for the students. Being India’s largest scholarship platform, Buddy4Study has accumulated an exhaustive list of such scholarships for students. Here is a list of top three merit cum means scholarships that you must check out on Buddy4Study mobile app:

Bloom Buddies Merit Cum Means Scholarship
Applicable for students of class 1 to 6, this scholarship aims at nurturing the young talents of the country. The selected students will either receive up to INR 10,000 or tuition fee under this program.

Early Success Merit cum Means Scholarship 2018-19
This is yet another merit cum means scholarship for meritorious students of class 6 to 12 who have secured more than 75% marks in the last examination. Initiated with an aim to support meritorious students belonging to underprivileged section of the society, the scholarship offers variable award based on candidate’s need.

Nurture Merit cum Means Scholarship 2018
The students who are pursuing graduation stand a chance to win variable awards based on their merit and need under this program.
These are few popular names of merit cum means scholarship that a student can loop up for. Additionally, you can find various such scholarships on board. Just open your Buddy4Study mobile app and access the vast realm of scholarship today.

How To Apply For Scholarships Through Buddy4Study Mobile App?


Have you ever applied for a scholarship earlier? If yes, then you might have come across a number of problems during the application process. This is an obvious thing to happen for each scholarship has its own set of terms and conditions to follow and a distinctive approach towards application. Despite this fact, there are times when students have to face the trouble of inappropriate resources, lack of information about the scholarship etc. This makes the scholarship application even more tedious task to accomplish.
However, with android phones at place, the process can become pretty much easier for students. Wondering how to apply for scholarships through mobile phones? The answer is Buddy4Study mobile app. Having created a strong base in the scholarship world, Buddy4Study has introduced its mobile application for the ease of its users, thereby making the scholarship application hassle-free and convenient.

Why apply through Buddy4Study mobile app?
Besides easing out the process of scholarship application, the mobile app comes with several other benefits for the users such as –

Helps in keeping a track of all scholarship applications that you have made.
Provides timely and regular updates about the scholarship whose deadline is about to end.

Enlightens the users with every essential information about the scholarship world through its featured list of blogs.

Compiled a categorized list of scholarships under sections like college scholarship, school scholarship, government scholarship etc.

How to apply: Step-by-step description

The application process for any scholarship through Buddy4Study mobile app requires you to follow the below-given steps –

Step 1: Download the mobile app and register yourself. (If already registered, open your respective account on the mobile app).

Step 2: Sign in to enter the vast scholarship world.

Step 3: Click on the scholarship you want to apply for.

Step 4: Read all the important instructions.

Step 5: Apply for the scholarship by following the steps mentioned in “How to apply for scholarships” section.

You can stand a chance to win scholarship in following the above-mentioned steps. Download the Buddy4Study Mobile App today to stay advantaged.

Apply For Central Government Scholarship With Buddy4Study Mobile App

Preview Day Ahead Of Mobile World Congress 2015

Pursuing education these days is an expensive affair. With the constant rise in inflation rate of the country, the tuition fee of many prestigious educational institutions has also seen an increase in the past years. To tackle this problem of high cost, central government has made many provisions for students of India.

Scholarships, grants, stipends and easy loan facilities have been made available by the central government to encourage students to not drop out of schools and colleges for financial reasons. Some of these central government scholarships are CBSE Merit Scholarship for Single Girl Child, Post-Matric Scholarship for Minority Communities, Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme and Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF). There’s one central government scholarship for the student of every capacity and capability. They just need to look at the right place at the right time to avail the benefits of government scholarships.

Though there’s no dearth of scholarships in India, but information about the same does not reach most of the students living in various parts of the country. So, to make information about these scholarships available to students, Buddy4Study has recently launched a user-friendly mobile app where an aspiring student can easily browse the list of scholarships and apply for those which match their profiles. Buddy4Study Mobile App is easy to access and download, as mobiles, nowadays, are used by every other person in the world.

Applying for these central government scholarships through Buddy4Study Mobile App has become easier and more convenient for students. Now, the students can look up and apply for these scholarships with just the touch of their fingertips.


Could You Brief A Little About The National Scholarship Exam (NSE) 2017?


The National Scholarship Exam (NSE) 2017 is a self-assessment test organised by the National Institute of Career Education (N.I.C.E.), which helps in pinpointing areas of strength and weakness in every student.


The NSE 2017 is open for all the students from class 5th to 12th from any school. Also, the students who are pursuing diploma or degree (in any stream or year) from any university can apply for this scholarship.

Application procedure

There are two ways to apply for this scholarship: online or by offline post.

Online: First, visit the website and click on ‘Register Now’. You then need to create an account here. Provide the details and activate the account. After activation, you can fill the application form. Proceed to payment, which can be made through net banking or debit card or credit card. All the documents, including complete application form, payment receipt and photo id, must be sent by post to the branch office or the head office.

By post: To apply offline by post, first download the application form from the website. Then fill in the required details and also paste a recent photograph. The form along with the required documents needs to be sent with a DD of INR 350 in favour of ‘National Institute of Career Education’ payable at Nasik, to either the branch office or the head office.

For student applications in bulk

For bulk applications, the application form needs to be sent with only a single DD with a list of all applicants. Documents should be sent through speed post or registered post or courier. It is essential to mention ‘Application For National Scholarship Exam – 2017′ on envelope.

The addresses of branch office or head office, FAQs and other important links can be found on the B4S website here:

5 Reasons Why A Student Should Download Buddy4Study Mobile App


If you are a smartphone user, you might definitely be having several applications in it to serve different purposes like food, cabs, online payments, education etc. Have u ever imagined a scenario where you can get access to all the scholarships available for you on your smartphone with the help of an app? Perhaps not.

To serve this purpose only, Buddy4Study has come up with its mobile app exclusively for students and their parents who are looking for online scholarship opportunities to continue higher education. Now, you might wonder if this application is really useful or not. The answer is, ‘Yes, it is’. How? Here are five key reasons why you should have a Buddy4Study mobile app on your smartphone –

Hassle-free scholarship check

The app gives you the access to search for scholarships online as per your needs and preferences. You can browse through an extensive list of national scholarship, government scholarship, international scholarship, college scholarships etc., all at one place.


Find matched scholarships

Due to the robust technology used in the app, finding scholarship schemes that fit your educational qualification and preferences has become even more easier through the app. You just need to keep your profile updated and the rest will be done by the app.


Keep track of scholarship application

You can apply for a number of scholarships through this mobile app, but how will you keep note of all the scholarships you have applied for. To do the needful, the application has an exclusive feature of tracking the application status that will keep a record of all the scholarship applications you have made.


Receive timely alerts

With the app installed on your mobile phone, you become eligible for timely alerts about the scholarships whose deadline is near. This feature ensures that now registered user misses out any scholarship.


Learn more through blogs

To keep you enlightened about everything related to the scholarship and education world, the app also has a separate feature of blogs that contains informative tips, editorials, career guide, listicles about the scholarships available and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Install the Buddy4Study mobile app today and stay advantaged.